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The state grid strictly controlled the standard transformer listed companies have been wiped out
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Date: 2016-10-14
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Author: 佚名
  In January 2016, strengthen the national power grid distribution equipment supplier inspections, dozens of large listed companies "list" in the report, for a while, state grid bad behavior punishmen...

In January 2016, strengthen the national power grid distribution equipment supplier inspections, dozens of large listed companies "list" in the report, for a while, state grid bad behavior punishment be hardest hit. Visible from the notification list the wide scope, specification is high, electric, Siemens, ABB, Xu Ji change especially electrician, Beijing branch sharp, sharp, guodian south red, wanma shares, incredible electrical, communications, union science and technology, especially the golden triangle, xu hui electric, electric, nanjing huanyu group, shandong tai, xi 'an xd, huachi in shandong, shandong electrician electrical, and many other well-known enterprises at home and abroad are all on the list. According to incomplete statistics, in the list of suppliers notified, 13 percent of the listed companies and 8 percent of the larger well-known enterprises are listed, among which, about 10 large enterprises have been notified many times.

According to the results released by the state grid on the sampling inspection project, 1004 transformers have been reported this year. The proportion of transformers in the total number of defects is the highest, reaching 353, accounting for 35.16%. Second, the cable category, 272 defective times, accounting for 27.09%; The number of defective opening and closing cabinets is 74, accounting for 7.37%. From this point of view, the state grid to transformer sampling inspection many times, the area is wide, the coverage is large, is the most important sampling inspection. This also raises higher requirements for power enterprises.

People in the industry pointed out that transformer spot check items are mainly unqualified for sudden short circuit test, and some of them are unqualified for empty load loss and unqualified for local discharge. Sudden short circuit test for the type testing project, destructive test, the test of transformer is in the process of design, manufacturing, iron core and coil assembly mechanical strength, resistance to sudden short circuit capacity, to all products meet by sudden short circuit test requirements, for power equipment manufacturing enterprises, is really a big problem.

"On the one hand is the improvement of national grid, acceptance standard, on the one hand is caused by industry bidding price escalating. Some have increase if the strength of technology research and development, improve product quality and acceptance standard, then the bidding price also will increase, but in the current bidding system, such as output thankless thing, the result is likely to be become with mark, this is the common problems of the industry, is not a problem of the enterprise." an industry veteran who out of the mystery.

Reference electricity eating tigers net "the lowest bid, is good is bad two theory" professor felix chong view of "the lowest bid competition way, caused a good person to withdraw, LieZhe mess situation. If only the price into account, while ignoring the tenderer's business credit, reasonable costs for the guarantee of quality of goods and services, the ability to execute and after-sales service, so the winning enough to led to the destruction of the market order."

It is worth mentioning that the enterprises notified of the bad behavior of the state grid this time are mostly large and large enterprises that have won the bidding of transformers. How to pass the test is a common problem in the well-known power manufacturing industry at home and abroad! It is believed that these large enterprises can make serious research and development under the new and strict requirements of the state grid to overcome this difficulty and make the power industry develop in a healthy and ideal direction.

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